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Date of Establishment
December 202o


Ashondra McCoy
Porsha Vaughn
Shuntell Thompson


Grace Phlebotomy Academy is a Career and Technical  training school. Each instructor is a licensed phlebotomist, licensed phlebotomy instructor and certified CPR instructor with over twenty five (25 years) of phlebotomy experience.
We are passionate about the work that we have done and we want to share our knowledge and expertise with others who are looking to master this skill.
We understand the expectations and needs of the hospitals and medical
community that require this skill, as well as, the level of customer services required.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to impart the trait of phlebotomy hands-on,
with precise concentration and focus on safety and customer service


To educate and to equip learners in the field of Phlebotomy.


Acquire expert experience from experts

"Licensed by the Mississippi Commission on Proprietary School and College Registration, Certificate No. 723. Licensure indicates only that minimum standards have been met; it is not an endorsement or guarantee of quality. Licensure is not equivalent to or synonymous with accreditation by an accrediting agency recognized by the U.S Department of Education."



Ashondra McCoy


Porsha Vaughn


Shuntell Thompson

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